Holiday Club 2012

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This year we took the Olympics as our theme.

Old Testament characters were used to teach us about some of the attributes we as we made our own Olympic team:

Noah taught us about creativity; Jochebed about strategy; Sarai about
endurance; Samson about strength; and Nehemiah about being a team player.

The day’s activities were chosen to fit with the OT story and/or the attribute we were thinking about.

We also looked at how the life of Jesus also revealed these attributes. He was a creative storyteller, he showed planning in meeting Zachaeus (who also had a plan), he endured hardship for 40 days in the desert, he had to be strong to face crucifixion; and he sent the Holy Spirit to help his disciples be team players (on the Jesus team). Please look at our pictures to see what fun we had together!

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