A Play by Sandra Hornagold based on Matthew 6 vv 19-34


Angel – Well hello everyone, and welcome to God’s waiting room. Some of you, I know, have been aware for some time that you would eventually arrive here, but to some of you it will be a complete surprise. Obviously you have no idea of procedure here so I will run through it with you.

Eric – Well I hope you’re not going to be long but I’ve got a lot on today. A house to finish building and God knows what else!!!

Angel – Actually, God does know ‘what else’ and this will all be explained to you individually when you meet St. Peter shortly. I assume Eric that you have no idea why you are here?

Eric – Well obviously a mistake. All I was doing was standing on top of this high wall, telling my wife to get a move on passing the bricks, and then suddenly I’m here!!

Angel – All will become clear shortly just take the door to your right when your full name is called.

Narrator - After a long spell of silence and much jiffling and sighing the first person is called through.

Eric – Well has anyone got any idea why we are here?

Nun – It might come as a shock to you, but you have, in fact, we all have, died, passed away.You will have gone through the funeral procedure and are now waiting to see if you will be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Eric – Kicked the bucket!! You can’t be serious. Blimey…………I wonder if I fell off the wall or if my wife threw a brick at me. Still, I’ll get through the pearly gates without trouble. I’ve been a grafter all my life. Looked after me family best I could. Quite often had two jobs going at once just to make ends meet. Didn’t do much Church though, just the usual weddings and funerals but I can talk my way through most things.

I suppose your being a Nun will see you straight through to the other side. Personal friend of the Holy One hey!

Nun- Not necessarily. Just because I wear these clothes doesn’t make me a top contender. I have spent a life devoted to Christ in prayer and silence. But what have I actually achieved?

Eric – So what have the rest of you done that will or will not get you through.

Beatrice – Well I will certainly be going straight through. I’m the wife of the entrepreneur Charlie Fitz. You will all have heard of him. Property – Investments- Air lines- you name it he did it. We made a great deal of money but we also gave a lot to good causes. For example, we set up a string of schools in Africa and paid for some wells to be dug in outlying villages. I have spoken to God on many occasions, but I have to confess, usually to ask him for a favour. Still, I’ve been so very good so there won’t be a problem.

Gerry – I’ve not been good. I will tell you, but I’m not proud of my life. I knew I was coming here. I have been very ill for the last six months, confined to a prison hospital. 15 years for murder. You don’t need to know the details. However, when I was 5 years into my sentence I found God. I realised then what a waste my life had been, and tried, where it was possible within the confines of prison, to bring God to others. It wasn’t easy. I even heard the comment that I must have got hold of some drugs! I might not have converted anyone but I did at least bring the word of God into some of the men’s lives.

Carla – Well compared to that I will, like Beatrice, go straight through. I had a normal childhood and education but found that I had a real talent for drawing and design. Well to cut a long story short, my designs in clothing and home wear have been bought by thousands and probably millions worldwide. The joy I have brought people as they stepped out in my clothing (from hats to footwear) has made people not only happy but brought them confidence and a love of being admired for their display of my designer labels. I had a God given talent so a pretty good guarantee then for entering Heaven. My only question is – why have I been cut down in my prime, I had so much more to offer.

Angel. – Eric Winston Clackman. Please go through the right hand door.

Eric- Rightyho! See you all on the other side, I hope.

It does make you wonder though what the alternative is going to be!!